Charlotte Tilbury and Her Magic Touch


The #CharlotteTilbury #ColourChameleon eyeshadow pencil in #amberhaze . It’s a 10 hour wear cream shadow pencil, and Charlotte targeted this particular product with the concept of flattering specific eye colours. This one is meant to give brown eyes more vibrancy and brightness. I personally can’t tell if my eyes seem particularly magical when I wear this, but what I CAN tell is that the colour of the eyeshadow is stunning, super flattering, and it’s so easy to use. It’s an instant smokey eye in the form of a pencil. It’s got a chocolate brown base with beautiful amber glitter infused in it. Do I recommend it? Yes!
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The colour is so easily blended and leaves you with such an effortless yet effective look. It gives beautiful definition to the eyes, and the shimmer is so smooth and even. It would be a 10/10 product but there’s one little iffy thing about it. Let me start by saying that most if not all high end eye pencils usually come with a sharpener. It’s great because even drugstore eyeliners can be sharpened with what we got from the high end. The Charlotte Tilbury shadow stick is thicker than eyeliners (obviously) but with that comes a a bit of an issue. I’ve used up almost all of the tip of the shadow pencil, which puts me in a bit of a dilemma. I want to use it but one more use and I need to sharpen this chubby eye shadow….which obviously I can’t, because it doesn’t come with a sharpener. I wish it was a twist up type of product. It makes more sense to make it such, because we waste a lot of product when we sharpen eyeliners and shadow pencils anyway.
And for the price tag (£19.00) and the not-so-much amount of product we get, designing it as a twist up would have been fairer to us and better for the product.
So 9/10 is what the Charlotte Tilbury COLOUR CHAMELEON
Colour Morphing Eye Shadow Pencil For Brown Eyes gets.

I still recommend it though. Highly recommend it. I work, and I have mornings where I have to rush to get ready and this is the best and easiest product to use ever! I can even throw it in my purse and run out the door, and should my eyes need a touch up (which this won’t because it’s long wearing plus I always use eye primer) I can touch up my look.


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