Chanel vs. UNE Cream Blushes coming soon

Hey guys…what? What’s this? Dust flying all over the place from this new entry? You don’t recognize me anymore? 


I have had a very busy time recently and I also haven’t been very inspired by anything. I’ve been using the same products I’ve raved about in the previous entry and I’ve been trying to be disciplined when it came to splurging on make up *cough FAIL cough*.


I do have some make up eye candy though, that I can’t wait to share with you guys!


Here’s a list of entries I’m going to sit my butt down and work on:


1) Chanel cream blush vs. UNE cream blush….I might even compare the Chanel one to other drugstore ones. 

2) Tarte The Tarte of Giving holiday sets and the Amazon Escape palette (I LOVE THESE!)

3) New skincare routine.


In the meantime I  want to share with you these two hilarious blogs that “review” 50 Shades of Grey. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S





AAAAND don’t forget I have an instagram account and I’ve also just done a Keek account under the same name:






Check them out. Follow and I’ll follow back 😀


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