Summer Lippies- My Go to summer Lip Shtuff

Here in Kuwait, we’ve been officially in summer since end of April. May kinda teased us a bit…It’s not summer yet, just kidding it is! No wait I’m joking, here have a cool breeze. That’s nice, huh? How about some strong winds? (wind as hot as the oven slams in my face and twirls my hair into a medusa-esque whirling movement). Haaaa, May laughs at us, it IS SUMMER!

Yes, months have personalities in my head. Forgive me for the weird intro. Now back to the real deal. Summer Lips. I used to be the type of girl who stuck with that one colour that suited me all year long. It was like this, I had staple lip glosses that I would repurchase over and over and over again because they would literally be the ONLY two colours I would wear. This was before the red lip craze crawled into our lives to permanently stay there and not stay a mere remembrance of old Hollywood glam. 


Gradually the red lipstick evolved into bright pinks as well. And then matte red lippies made their way into my life and that one perfect matte red lipstick was all I ever wore. 


Now, however, since my make up addiction has reached level professionalism I’ve been experimenting with different colours. 

Anyway, to make this intro any more longer and less focused here are my current favourite summer lipsticks and glosses:


1. Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick in #20 – 1,2,3 Soleil:

This is one of those colours that overwhelmed me a little at first because it almost looks like neon orange. However, this lipstick is not very opaque, and the bright coral colour gives a nice bright pop of colour that is not too intense. Which makes it a perfect wearable coral for summer with some cream bronzer and a sheer wash of bronze shadow on the lids with loads of mascara. Which is how I wear it. It’s also quite long lasting and moisturizing and it does stain the lips a little so that when the lipstick wears off you’re left with a pretty pink pout.



2. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion #467

This is definitely a favourite of mine. Because these Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are slightly sheer you can go for the boldest colour out there and not worry that it’ll look tacky. I love Chanel and will openly admit to being biased to their cosmetic. And the only reason I’m biased is because their make up IS amazing. Not a lot of ppl agree, and that’s fine (I will get you…..*evil stare*). This came out in their summer 2013 collection and I love the flattering shade of slightly coral pink color. It’s not a very light colour, quite medium toned, and despite this formula not being a lipstick one the colour shows up well. It’s extremely moisturizing and leaves behind a slight tint of the same colour as well when it wears off which I personally prefer in lipsticks. This also is that summer slightly coral shade of pink that works well with every skin tone! And it’s subdued enough that you can inject some summer pink color and still look elegant for work. Love this. Here’s a link of Temptalia’s review because I need you to understand how pretty this colour is!


3. Bourjois Rouge Edition in #17 Rose Millesime:

This is the first actual real lipstick I bought from Bourjois, and it’s quite new! It’s similar to the Bourjois Shine Edition in 1,2,3 Soleil but it has much less of that bright coral. The reason they seem similar if because the Shine Edition is actually not as opaque so your natural lip colour will subdue the finish result. But this Rouge Edition lipstick actually impressed me! The colour is a mid-tone warm rose color, which is why I inlcuded it here. The warmness in the colour gives it a slightly peachy undertone. If you’re wearing a bronzed look this will compliment it definitely. I’m tan and this enhances my tan a bit but still manages to look flattering on me. And it lasts a long time for a normal lipstick AND it keeps my lips hydrated. And that’s saying something given that I’m fasting and it’s like an oven outside in Kuwait. It’s pretty opaque, and very wearable and it is like a brighter, warmer, pinker Coco Mademoiselle #5 from the Chanel Rouge Coco line. Absolutely love this and I am definitely impressed.



4. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #32 La Ravissante:

This is a personal favourite for me. I generally love the formula for Chanel’s matte lipsticks, and I love the colour range because the colour they come up with really are very elegant. This is a slightly burnt orange kind of colour, only a little lighter. On my tanned colour this gives me a slightly 60s style look on the lips. The colour is very opaque and long lasting and I absolutely love it! For everyday, I’d be dramatic to say this is sooo out of my comfort zone, but it isn’t a colour I usually go for. If I’m not wearing red lipstick I’d be wearing a natural looking rose coloured lipstick like #34, La Raffine from the same lipstick line. But this is a nice lipstick to wear on a nigh out with a cat eye liner and peachy bronze cheeks.

Again another Temptalia post (I always google for the number of the colour and the amazing Miss Temptalia pops up. She has amazing swatches so I figured I’d show).



Here are the swatches in order, on my lovely tanned arms 😛 hehehe


5. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss Peony #008:

This lipgloss….*shakes head in bewilderment*…this lipgloss. First of all, from the packaging AND the color this is very very very similar to those shimmery Chanel glosses. VERY SIMILAR. It’s a sheer light pink that is injected with megawatt and mega carats of finely milled golden shimmer and glitter. On nude lips this makes your lips look HUGE thanks to the shimmer. On bright lips this also makes your lips look huge. I love wearing this on top of my theBalm Stainiac (in prom queen i think) and I love love love the finish. It doesn’t lost too long, though, as is the usual case with glosses. But the mega watt shimmer in this is just stunning and this is Chanel worthy standard <3.


6. Bourjois Color Boost in #01 Red Sunrise: 

This looks like a Clinique Chubby Stick but isn’t like, it’s better. And it looks like the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, but it’s different (but just as good). This is absolutely amazing! I love this! This is a juicier version of the balm stains, more opaque than the chubby stick and more long lasting…a lot more long lasting….and I absolutely love this! We have four shades here in Kuwait but this is my favorite! Seriously, GET THIS! The formula is seriously moisturizing and this also promises to keep lips hydrated for 10 hrs. Love this, love this love this.


7. Bourjois 3D Effect in Corail Artistic:

This is the sheerest that I would go. This another Bourjois product that is perfect for the summer. I like this because for me personally pure bright orange lip colours are too much for me to get away with. At least personally, I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear very bright orange lip colours like MAC’s Lady Danger and Morange. So I dip my toes into the pool of orange lip obsession with sheer colours and lip products like this. And It’s nice and very wearable. I still like to wear a lip stain underneath just so that my lip natural lip color doesn’t show up. My lips have the tendency to go pale when I put something moisturizing on top like a balm or lip stick. And most lipsticks do that (except for a select few brands). Anyway, this has a nice mild scent and the consistency is smooth and non-sticky, but it doesn’t last long. But if you’re like me and only wear anything remotely orange if it’s CORAL or sheer, this is something worth looking into. When I feel like I’m eye make up that’s a bit too dark I like to pair the eye make up with this gloss. 


8. Bourjois 3D Effect 8H lipgloss in #18 Rouge Sunny

My final lip product and final Bourjois lip product (Bourjois stole the show this season, check previous posts) and again this is a muted shimmery coral colour. It is a lot more opaque than the previous gloss, but while it promises to last 8 hours, it doesn’t. At all. But it’s moisturizing, the colour is super pretty and it’s not too bold so you can where this on an everyday basis. And the price tag it comes with is not bad at all. I am mentioning this here because I do use this in between the other lip products, sadly not as much. 


Hand swatches of the colours.


Just an FYI, I have taken pictures with these colours on my lips but the lighting made everything look the same. I’ll the three photos I of the lipstick colours on my lips that hadn’t deleted so you can see and compare for yourself. But maybe because my lips were slightly stained from all the lip products or what not, the difference was not visible at all. And I apologize, and I practiced the lip close up smile! I’ll post and let you guys guess which colour is which so you know what I mean 😛






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