OOTD- Pastels & Spikes ¡¡¡


Morning my little make up addicts ♡ So let me start today’s outfit story with a backstory. A few days ago I opened my fb homepage (which had been collecting dust because Mark Zuckerberg just kept ruining it) and since I was a fan of Mango on fb I saw that they had posted an album of their new collection. I then proceeded to check out their website and…and…and page 1 if their new collection was wow….page 2 was wow….page 3 was wow! Their new collection is W O W So I went to the mall yesterday and almost ransacked the place! That wasn’t even everything that was shown in the website! I’ll post the mini….ahem…haul if you guys want ;D Anyway, if you guys didn’t know my favourite colour is mint green. My room is a very pale pistachio green colour and i LOVE it ♡ and why not go with the love flow and wear it :p This loose bohemian light mint green top is from Mango. It’s loose, flowy and light- perfect for Kuwait weather. The stretchy jegging skinnies are also from Mango. And they seriously have to be THE most comfy pants ever! And the shoes……is spike season over? Coz I avoid trends like the plague, unless it is actually my taste. Carvella at Kurt Geiger. Beautiful. I think I didn’t shudder at the trend because the design is a balance betweem edgy and delicate and glam. The colour is a delicate light beige pink suede with rose gold leather. And the spikes are also rose gold, which is what made them more appealling to me. And the glitzy rhinestones add that glam factor. They’re pretty dressy flats. Bag is from Lafayette, Dubai. I got it almost 2 yrs ago. Watch is Michael Kors. Turquoise bracelet is from a little Turkish boutique in Marburg, Germany. Necklace is from f21….or h&m…..or new look. Can’t remember :$


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