OOTD-Floral Monochrome


Guten morgen my lil sunshines 😀 ♡

Too jolly for you? Blame it on my TRIPLE SHOT soya mocha ♥♥♥

Today I was slightly confused as to what to wear. I had in mind my Hollister skinnies (THE best skinnies, make my body look SKINNY!) but I didn’t want to go on a witch hunt for an interesting top.
And these black&white floral pants were tucked neatly in my closet and sat idly there waiting for me to pick them one day.

Today was their day! All the items kinda clicked. Like the perfect chemistry between a group of people.

I don’t know what to say about this outfit combo other than the fact that it makes me feel cool…..simply cool. I have to be careful what i pair the pants with, though. My entire outfit selection relies on how to make me look slimmer!

How would you pair these pants?

Pants- American Eagle outfitters

Tank- H&M

Blazer- Topshop

Ring- from a stand Festival City Dubai

Necklace- My aunt’s creation, a medley of precious stones and gold.

Watch- Michael Kors

Shoes- Some old boutique in Germany


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